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Ethics & Morality

At St Birinus School Ethics and Morality enables students to engage critically with significant ethical, philosophical and social issues in order to understand the world we live in more fully. Students learn about a wide range of religious beliefs and practices, including non-religious world views. They do this for the development of their knowledge, for their capacity to flourish in our diverse society, and for their growing understanding of their own identity and outlook. Students are encouraged to develop their own considered opinion, to articulate their views, and engage in productive dialogue and debate with others.

Students will learn how religious identity influences people’s lives and will be encouraged to express their own considered opinions about the nature and value of religion on people and the planet. Students will develop the skills of listening, speaking and discussing, as well as those of enquiry, analysis and evaluation.


Mrs G Hawthorne, Head of Ethics & Morality –  
Mrs A Scanlan –