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Homework Timetables

Homework Guidance

Homework is a critical element of school life.  It encourages independent study, time-management skills, and the ability to self-motivate. It also supplements work covered in class to embed knowledge, skills and understanding.

How much homework will be issued?
Homework will be issued in all subjects at least once per fortnight for all year groups.  English, Maths and Science should issue one piece of homework per week.

More homework can be issued if the teacher sees fit, but homework frequency should not drop below one piece per fortnight per subject, or one piece per week for English, Maths, and Science.

Homework tasks should be fairly substantial. A rough guideline would be that the minimum time taken per homework at Key Stage 3 should take at least 30 minutes, and at least 45 minutes at Key Stage 4.

How do we know when homework has been issued?
Homework should be written in the planners by all students when it is issued. Staff will also put details of all homework issued on Sims Learning Gateway (SLG) –

Students can access SLG with their regular network login details. Parents wishing to access this must request permission, as outlined in the mailing sent out October 2015.

A full homework timetable has been created by all class teachers, identifying which day of the timetable homework will be issued to every group.  This has been issued to all students and can be viewed by year group by clicking the Year tabs on the left.

What if my son doesn’t hand in his homework?
Homework will be completed to a high standard by all students, in every subject, every time it is set, without exception. Not completing homework is not an option for any student.

Any student not handing homework in on the agreed deadline will be issued with a detention, as per the school behaviour management system.