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Librarian: Mrs Wilkins

In April 2015 the school library underwent a complete refurbishment which included the re-painting of the room, new carpeting, additional display space and a new set of furniture (as well as the moving of around 13,000 books!). Students and staff alike are delighted with the outcome. The new modular furniture is already lending itself well to small group work and quiet zones for independent study. The much needed additional display space is being used to good effect. The smart new facilities should entice in more students to come in, browse and discover the enjoyment of reading.

The Library is open every day between 8.30 am and 3.30 pm. All students can use the Library during breaks and lunchtimes and Sixth Formers are free to come and work during their study periods. In addition, the Library is widely used during lesson times – Pupils in Years 7 and 9 have a library lesson every week.

The Library has a large range of books, both fiction and non fiction, to suit a variety of ages, interests and abilities. In addition we have a daily newspaper, the weekly Didcot Herald and First News, and several comics and magazines including BBC Focus, BBC History, BBC Top Gear, Match of The Day and Flipside.

In addition to our full time Librarian, Student Librarians help keep everything running smoothly.

Special events are held throughout the year to celebrate World Book Day and Reading Week. The Library Book Quiz and other competitions are always very popular!