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Studying Mathematics trains the mind and develops analytical and logical thinking. Students of Mathematics gain and develop a vast range of skills including the ability to recall, select, apply and transfer facts, concepts and techniques. We trust that our students will develop an understanding of coherence and progression which will enable them to see ways in which mathematical reasoning can be used to inter-relate different areas of Mathematics. Mathematicians often have to reason and, through the precise use of symbols and statements, communicate their arguments in a clear and concise manner.

Resources used

  • KS3 textbooks: Formula One, Fram­ework Maths, SMP Interact
  • KS4 textbooks: Higher and Foundation GCSE Mathematics for OCR
  • Worksheets
  • Powerpoint
  • MyMaths
  • Mini white­boards
  • Multi-link cubes
  • Maths games
  • Tarsias
  • Loop cards
  • Geometer’s Sketch­pad

There is further information for all year groups and revision materials on the student portal area.

Should you or your son have any queries regarding his progress in Mathematics, or his Mathematics, we invite you to either email his teacher, or for him to speak to his teacher at school.

Related Extra-Curricular and Other School Activities

  • UKMT Maths Challenge at Junior, Intermediate and Senior Level
  • UKMT Team Maths Challenge
  • Cipher Challenge
  • Puzzle Club
  • Mathematics Quiz


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