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Options Process

During Year 8 your son will choose the subjects he wishes to study for GCSE in addition to the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, and Physical Education.

He will need to choose four further subjects, plus reserve subjects, and will need to think carefully about this, and speak to lots of different people. What does he enjoy? What is he good at? What does he want to do when he leaves school? Has he thought about a career? Click here for information about Adviza Careers service. For The English Baccalaureate he will need to choose a language and Geography or History, or both - important for university. Ensure there is breadth in his choices – choose a range of courses

The Options Process starts in the February of Year 8. Tutors begin discussing options with students, and they will be given a booklet and draft options form. Students have a range of staff they can speak to for help and support. A Parents’ Information Evening will be held, giving an Parents a chance to speak to staff, and students will be given their final options form.