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As you may be aware St Birinus School is involved in training new teachers. We work with a number of partners including Oxford Brookes, The OU, Reading University and the University of Oxford. As part of their professional training, trainees and permanent colleagues will carry out various research studies in school which helps them understand much more about how they can help students in their learning.  We also have colleagues on our teaching staff that undertake higher degrees and sometimes DPhil/PHD researchers too.  All of this research is governed by very strict ethics rules from the universities involved.  Though sometimes students will be taped and interviewed, the results are strictly anonymous. Students are usually chosen at random for this research.

Your son may be asked to contribute to such research but if you are not willing for your son to be involved, then please let the school know. You can let the office know or if you have further questions you can contact me Ronnie Reading

Ronnie Reading - Professional Tutor, MfL Faculty Leader