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Student Leadership


St. Birinus runs a prefect system. At the end of each year, prefects are selected from Year 10 to become prefects for the next year. Applicants must be sponsored by a teacher and take an exam before chosen. Prefects have the responsibility of keeping control in the corridors. Only boys who are deemed to be responsible and mature are chosen.

There are also senior prefects who have the responsibility of ensuring prefects complete their duties and to organize rotas.

School Council

St Birinus School Council is an essential element within the whole school. As with most school councils, ours is constantly developing with day-to-day and long-term initiatives. It is an essential element within the whole school and where ‘pupil voice’ is valued.   

The School Council structure currently is made up of elected pupils. There is one for every tutor group (small tutorial council meetings in tutor time linked to their PSHEE) two of these reps from each year group are then elected to represent their year group at the formal school council meetings. From the minutes taken senior staff can raise the ‘action points’ at their meetings and with the Governors where appropriate. Feedback is given at the next meeting or through Heads of Year/Year Reps during school assemblies.