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All boys are expected to be smart in their personal appearance.
The school uniform for Years 7-11 is:

  • Black blazer with school badge
  • Black trousers (no cord or denim)
  • School house tie
  • White shirt (tucked in)
  • Black school shoes (NO trainers)
  • Black or Grey ‘V’ neck pullover (optional)
  • Black or Grey socks

Please note that the following are NOT allowed:

  • Hoodies and baseball caps
  • Earrings or body piercings of any kind
  • Wristbands or jewellery

PE Kit required:
Outdoor Kit

  • Black shorts
  • PE shirt – House colour (reversible with school logo) *
  • Rugby/football socks
  • Rugby/football boots

Indoor Kit

  • White polo shirt (with school logo) *
  • White shorts
  • Trainers (non-marking soles)
  • White socks

* Available from ‘Trutex Schoolwear and More’, Cockcroft Road, Didcot.


Where to buy your Uniform:

  • Blazers with the school logo already embroidered on the pocket are available from Trutex Schoolware, 14 Cockcroft Road, Didcot, OX11 8LL, Tel: 01235 211011.
  • Plain black blazers, trousers, shirts, shoes & trainers can be purchased at all major department/sport stores.
  • Badges and ties can be purchased from the school Student Services desk.
  • Alternatively you can order your school uniform at
  • For Year 7 pupils, all required uniforms can be purchased during the annual Welcome Evening

6th Form Students are not required to wear a uniform, however they are expected to wear appropriate clothing; for example, boys are not allowed to wear shorts, and girls are not allowed to wear miniskirts.