Year 11 Closure and Assessment details

27th May 2021, 7:30pm

An email has been sent to Year 11 pupils regarding the Year 11 bubble closure from the evening of 27th June 2021, and details of their outstanding assessments:

Outstanding Assessments

GCSE Combined Science

Week 6 Science assessments were scheduled for today in Period 3 but, due to the extensive student absence, these have been postponed to tomorrow. As no students studying GCSE Combined Science have yet completed a Week 6 assessment, all assessments will be set remotely on Microsoft Forms.

This can be accessed as an assignment via Teams at the times stated below. This is the fairest option for all students, giving equal opportunity to all, in the same format, environment and test conditions. There is a good break between assessments to allow for a screen break and preparation for the next assessment. Miss Thom (Head of Science) will have the opportunity to brief all students tomorrow morning on the links below.

On Friday 28th May, your son should follow this timetable remotely:


Meet via Zoom for Q&A regarding Biology assessment

Meeting ID: 968 6350 2334 / Passcode: GL9Nye

(40 mins)

Start Biology assessment


Meet via Zoom for Q&A regarding Chemistry assessment

Meeting ID: 970 2222 3625 / Passcode: pvxFS1

(40 mins)

Start Chemistry assessment




GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics (Triple science)

There will be no remote assessments on Friday 28th May for Triple Scientists.

All outstanding assessments will be sat on Monday 7th June. As some students have already sat a Triple Science assessment on Wednesday 26th May supervised in class, we need to replicate the exact same controlled environment for students taking the same course.

On Monday 7th June, all Triple Scientists should follow the following timetable:

9.45 - 10.00am

Year 11 Triple Scientists should assemble in the Science Department atrium (in uniform)


Q&A with Science teachers


Biology assessment




Chemistry assessment




Physics assessment - Only for those students who did not sit the assessment in school on Wednesday 26th June


Students are advised to use the Satchel:One resources to prepare for these assessments after the May half-term.


GCSE English Assessments

A number of students have not completed the creative writing and unseen poetry assessments. These students will be given the opportunity to complete their assessments in school on Tuesday 8th June. If your son is uncertain about whether he has finished either assessment (because he was absent, isolating or sent home during or before the paper), please email Hannah Rabey:


  • Creative Writing assessment  
    Any students who have not completed their Creative Writing due to absence or isolation must arrive at student services at 1.00pm, wearing their school uniform, before being taken to the assessment space. The assessment will last until 2.45, for those who need the full time. Students who have extra time can stay in school until 3.15pm to finish their assessments, if required.
  • Unseen poetry assessment
    Students who have not completed the unseen poetry assessment, either partially or fully, must arrive at student services at 10.15am, wearing school uniform, before being directed to the assessment space. Students will have one hour and 45 minutes to complete their assessment, and will leave the school site at 12.10, unless they qualify for extra time, in which case they will finish at 12.35. To ensure that the assessment is fair and “unseen” for all students, the boys who have already started their assessments will be given a fresh poem, although the work they have already completed will also be reviewed and considered.

Please note that Year 11 students will be offered supervised spaces either side of the assessments. There are no school buses running on Monday 7th but normal services resume on Tuesday 8th June.


Leaving …

Aside closure and completion of assessments for Centre Assessed Grades, prominent on everyone’s mind is this threshold moment and rite of passage - the celebration of the journey through 5 years at SBS and leaving Year 11. Accordingly, we would like to invite the year group to a Leavers’ Assembly in the Main Hall on Wednesday 9th June in school uniform at 1.30pm to sign shirts and, weather permitting, head off site for activities, food and refreshments at the Triangle for the afternoon.


I really hope that you find the information and update here both helpful and reassuring in such difficult circumstances. Should you have any questions and queries, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Irwin or Mr Reynolds


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