Film Studies

GCSE Film Studies

GCSE Film Studies 

Our aim is to provide a Film Studies curriculum that engages all learners and equips students with a sound knowledge of the technical aspects of film and film production. The skills learnt in Film Studies lessons will be learnt through a combination of the analysis of key sequences in set films and retrieval activities that enable students to feel confident in speaking and writing about film. Students will also put into practice the practical elements of film through the creation of their own film production which will deepen their own understanding but also foster a passion for film creation.


Assessments will take place each term, during and at the end of each scheme of learning and all assessments will be used to help students to set their own targets for improvement.

Film is highly relevant to students’ lives so it is our intention that students across the attainment range are encouraged and supported in forming their own opinions on the films that they study and that this helps to shape their individual view of the world around them.


· Introduction to the Core Study Areas of film

· Global Contemporary UK film and aesthetics

· Global English Language Film and narrative

· Global Non-English Language film and representation

· Key Developments in Film and Film Technology

· Film Genre

· US Independent Film

· Specialist Writing 

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