School Council

The School Council at St Birinus School is an active participant in the decision making, policy changing and running of the school. We have always been a school that values student feedback and in recent years the council has developed from a body that reviews school procedure to one that creates their own agenda and leads whole school projects.

Due to School Council Membership soaring in popularity, it was decided that every tutor group in the school would elect a School Council Representative to attend meetings and represent the views of their tutor group whilst reporting back on decisions made. This has been hugely successful as it has ensured that the council has full school representation and has encouraged, diverse and lively debates.

Our most successful project has been the ‘Choices for Change Project’ 2018 where students selected three key things that they would like to change about the school and following the construction of a student led video, the Council led assemblies, allowing all students to vote for the change that they most wanted to see. We look forward to our newly refurbished student toilets for September 2018. There are however, several other ways that the Council has been involved in the school:

  • Creation of articles for the Saint
  • Support on Open Mornings, Open Events and Primary School Visits
  • Tour leaders for the visiting public
  • Assemblies
  • Creating and implementing of student surveys
  • ‘Choices for Change Project’
  • Anti-bullying mentors
  • Launching campaigns that celebrate equality.
  • Support on Leadership Days.

Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.Desmond Tutu

Student is not a container you have to fill but a torch you have to light up.Albert Einstein

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