On 1st September 2015, St Birinus School joined together with Didcot Girls’ School within the Multi-Academy Trust of Didcot Academy of Schools.

The Trust, run by a Board of Directors, is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the schools and for setting standards and policy. Each school retains its own local governing body which includes representatives from staff, parents and members of the local community appointed for their particular skills and experience. Directors and Governors are appointed for a term of four years.

The Governing Body meets as a whole at least three times a year but conducts much of its business through the following specialist committees, which meet regularly through the year:

Curriculumn & Standards (Chair: John Naughton)
Sixth Form (Chair: Stephen White)

The Chair and Vice Chairs may be contacted directly on:

"The Governing Body expects the school to be a safe and enjoyable place for teaching and learning and has high expectations of its staff and students. It is proud of the achievements of its students whether academic, vocational or in a wide range of extra-curricular activities, including within the Didcot Sixth Form College, which we run in partnership with Didcot Girls' School. We are also a proud member of the wider Didcot community.
We were pleased that OFSTED evaluated the school as ‘good in all categories with strong capacity for further development' at its latest inspection in 2012. However, we always strive to do better, to deliver the best possible education for our young people so that they can each achieve their full potential and make the most of the opportunities and face up to the challenges before them".

Stephen White, Chairman of the Governing Body

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