Parents' Information Evenings

These evenings take place for each year group in the first term of each school year and provide an opportunity for parents and carers and their sons to find out about the year ahead.

We cover effective learning strategies including the safe use of ICT. We also share practical strategies which parents and carers can use to help their sons accelerate their progress and prepare for examinations effectively. Information about key dates and events for each year group is also available during the evening.

Heads of Year and senior members of staff are on hand to answer any queries you may have about your son's progress. These events are particularly crucial for students in Years 9, 10 and 11 as specific guidance is provided for examinations. Feedback from parents and students from the previous Year 11 identify attendance to this event as having had a significant impact on their results.


Year Group Date
Year 11 Monday 9th September 2019 (6.30pm)
Year 10 Tuesday 10th September 2019 (6.30pm)
Year 9 Monday 16th September 2019 (6.30pm)
Year 8 Monday 23rd September 2019 (6.30pm)



Page Downloads Date  
Year 11 term planner 2019 10th Sep 2019 Download
Year 11 PIE 2019 10th Sep 2019 Download
Year 11 PIE DSF Application Information... 10th Sep 2019 Download
Year 10 PIE 2019 16th Sep 2019 Download
Year 9 PIE 2019 19th Sep 2019 Download
Year 8 PIE 2019 25th Sep 2019 Download
@StBirinusSchool06:33 PM - 10th July, 2020 Technology: Year 7 & 8 Examples of very innovative Mobile Phone Stands, submitted during lock-down. Well done! Read more
@StBirinusSchool06:11 PM - 10th July, 2020 Year 9 artists are looking at the work of Thomas has done an amazing job of using the watercolours to capture her style. Can you tell which is his and which is the artists...?! 👏🌟🏅🎨 Read more
@StBirinusSchool06:11 PM - 10th July, 2020 We are really impressed with Ioan's study and response to 's still life work. Top compositional skills 🏅📸 Read more
@StBirinusSchool06:11 PM - 10th July, 2020 Year 10 photographers have recently looked at . We just love Ben's response including the use of oxo cubes and Simpsons figures. Fantastic composition and lighting skills being developed 📸🏅🌟👏 Read more
@StBirinusSchool08:25 AM - 10th July, 2020 Nearly the end of the week. Today it's Science, PD and music for years 7 and 8. Science, Options A and B.
@StBirinusSchool02:25 PM - 9th July, 2020 *Year 11* look out for the final tutor group zooms next Thursday. I will be sending out invites today and tomorrow for tutor group hang outs. Looking forward to seeing the lockdown hair cuts and talking about future plans! Read more
@StBirinusSchool02:25 PM - 9th July, 2020 Really enjoyed the tutor looms with 7LER this morning. It was great to see the boys again and also to meet some of the families pets! Hector also popped in to say hello! Read more
@StBirinusSchool02:24 PM - 9th July, 2020 Take a look at what the boys in the hub will be up to today as well as finishing off their tiles inspired stickers. Feel free to have a go at home 🎨 Read more
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