COVID-19 update: arrangements for September 2020

School risk assessment for September 2020 update, 21st July 2020

In line with DfE guidance for schools opening in September, the school's risk assessment is available to view, on request. If you would like a copy, please email the Company Secretary, Sophy Parkin-Haig at

Headteacher update, 16th July 2020

Dear Parents and Carers, 

Over the past few months the circumstances around Coronavirus (Covid-19) have been a huge challenge for everyone: children, young people, parents/carers and school staff. Normal life has been disrupted in a way that most people have never experienced before but despite this, the SBS community has continued to thrive as students engage with their home learning or in classes on site for Years 10 and 12. The energy, resilience and commitment of staff and students throughout the enforced school closure has been both humbling and inspirational, giving us great cause for optimism and confidence as we approach the close of the academic year and a much needed summer break.  

Now the number of coronavirus cases has reduced significantly, the government has asked all schools to plan for all children and young people, in all year groups, to return to school from the beginning of the autumn term. We are therefore planning for SBS to open at the start of September. Years 7 and 12 will return on Thursday the 3rd September and all year groups will return to school from Monday 7th September. The safety, wellbeing and educational experience for your child is our highest priority. Please note that the government will make a final decision on this on 11th August.

Further information about arrangements for GCSE and A-Level results in August and the start of school in September can be found here:

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