Year 10

Year 10 assessments: 1st - 12th July 2019

During the first fortnight in July 2019, we will be running a series of Pre-Public Exams (PPE) for students in Year 10. These will run between Monday 1st and Friday 12th July. These assessments will provide a hugely beneficial ‘next-step’ as students prepare for their final GCSE examinations in July 2020. Outcomes from these examinations in all subject areas will be shared with you as families in the final report of the school year prior to the summer holiday, after students return from their week of work experience.

Students will be being issued with revision lists and advice over the coming days and will be expected to be revising as part of their ongoing homework in the build up to these assessments.

Individual details concerning the dates, times and location/rooming for each examination will be relayed to the students in due course, particularly the arrangements for assessments in practical subjects. We will be ensuring that staff communicate with you as families about what students can be doing to prepare for these assessments using both the school website (below) and our Show My Homework platform.

When not in an examination during this assessment window, students will be in their normal lessons, although these will have a revision focus throughout the assessment period; there is no ‘study leave’.

Thank you for your ongoing support. We look forward to working with you to support your sons to achieve their best in these assessments. If you have any questions please contact either Mr Robinson-Slater, Head of Year 10 ( or Mr Irwin, Deputy Headteacher (


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