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Expression Day gets everyone talking

Posted on: 16/01/2019

On Monday 14th January St Birinus School hosted our second annual ‘Expression Day’, the second of the leadership days that we host across the year.

This day was specifically designed to encourage students to develop their skills of expression. Students were encouraged to focus on articulate communication, using a range of vocabulary when they speak, understanding and implementing key terms, and adapting the tone and manner in which they speak to cater to different situations.

The day began with a leadership assembly for Year 8 students, where the vital nature of effective communication was discussed. Within this assembly we highlighted a thought-provoking statistic, published by the Institute for the Future, that 85% of the jobs that students will be applying for in 2030 do not even exist yet. Predictions with regards to the development and increasing understanding in various areas, from technology to medicine, imply that entirely new roles will be required within society. If students are to navigate this uncertain world, they must leave education with a wide breadth of knowledge and skills. It is evident that appropriate expression will become increasingly vital.

Expression Day progressed for students with various activities during lesson time that stimulated communication. Across the school we saw issues debated, human continuums created to encourage justification of opinions, games of Articulate and Pictionary played to reinforce definitions of key terms, student-officiated sports matches and much, much more. At lunchtime, the debate team held a formal debate in front of students and staff where they argued for and against the concept of removing all fast food from schools nationally. The impressive nature of the student arguments and responses to their challenges led to a very close vote, whereby the students advocating for banning fast food were overruled. It was an immensely impressive display of student skills of communication and demonstrated how effectively words can impact society.
Overall, we were really proud of our students who embraced the opportunity to get involved and revealed just how articulate teenage boys can be.

On Monday, we had our Expression Day as part of our four LEAD days for the year. In my opinion, it was highly successful because boys had to voice their opinions and answers instead of writing them down. What I really loved about the day was the fact that everybody had a try. Even if they weren’t very confident, they attempted it. A big thank you to Ms Froud-Davis for organising it. I know that everybody thoroughly enjoyed the day.


Callum Crossley, Year 10 

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