Student Safety

Personal Safety

We are often asked various questions on personal safety for children and young people. Such as, 'where can I find out further information in order to help make my child safer while travelling to school, playing or socialising after school, and even make them more safety conscious?'

A very good resource we can direct you to is the following link which opens a 'Parents Handbook' created by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust. The Handbook offers some interesting statistics, very good practical advice and activities for parents to do and discuss with their children of all ages. Among others, the handbook covers the following topics:

- Challenging Complacency
- Safety on the StreetTracing Systems for Young People
- Appearance and Attitude
- Personal Safety on Foot
- What are Thieves Looking For in Their Victims
- How To Say 'NO'
- Using Public Transport

The link to the handbook is

The link to the main Suzy Lamplugh site is where you will again find lots of very useful advice and guidance on personal safety for all ages, such as:

- Cycling Safety
- Dating Safely
- Drinking Safely
- Festival Safety
- Festive Season Safety
- Flat/House Sharing Safety
- Halloween Safety
- Holiday Safety
- Home Safety
- Internet Safety
- Keeping Fit Safely
- On a Night Out Safety
- Safety Advice for Men
- Street Safety
- Student Safety
- Travelling to and from School Safety
- Personal Alarms: How do I choose?

The Suzy Lamplugh Trust also runs an annual National Personal Safety Day which is held on the 8th October. Its aim is to raise awareness of the simple, practical solutions that everyone can use to help avoid violence and aggression in today's society. It's about helping people live safer, more confident lives.


Student Safety

Advice for the Use of the Internet, Social Media and other digitial media

Please see the following document for advice from PC Mike Dix, the School Liaison Officer on the safe use of social media.

You can also see the following resources for further advice on the safe use of digital tools.


House System

St Birinus has a vibrant House system which ensures that staff and students work together to create a positive school community where everyone is included.
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