School Council

The school council is a group of students from across all year groups and across different backgrounds. We make sure that the students of St Birinus are always put first in decision making, policy changing and the day to day running of the school. We embody the school values of Care, Courtesy, and Commitment in everything we do. We remained very active during the lockdown, meeting regularly online, and helping our teachers know what best helps us learn online. 

Our current focus is the Environment. We have formed an Eco-Council and are working towards making St. Birinus an Eco-School.  We have sent out a survey that has gone to the whole school, and we have published an action plan. You can see the results of these below. We are working towards getting Eco-Schools accreditation. 

We regularly run a ‘Choices for Change Project’ that allows the Student body to vote for the change they want to see. Recently, we have worked with the PTA to increase the number of Benches around the school site for use at break and lunchtimes. We will be rebooting this project in the coming months, so we ask all students to keep thinking what we need to do to improve the school! 

Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.Desmond Tutu

Student is not a container you have to fill but a torch you have to light up.Albert Einstein


Page Downloads Date  
Action Plan 30th Apr 2021 Download
Secondary Environmental Review 30th Apr 2021 Download
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