Year 11

Students in Year 11 have an exciting year ahead of them, with decisions to be made around the aspirational destinations that the boys wish to pursue beyond Year 11 to the fore.

Over the course of the 8 months that lead up to the final examinations across Year 11 we will look to be supporting the boys both inside and out of the classroom, so that they might be in their best place to achieve as well as possible in the Summer of 2025.

Throughout the year students will have access to a range of additional support sessions across a variety of subjects as well as an after-school study space known as the ‘Power Hour’. Students will be able to access this after school space from the week of October 9th 2023.

To ensure that the challenge of Year 11 is as manageable as possible we explicitly talk to the boys about breaking the experience down into three stages:

  • The Autumn term, culminating in the first set of Mock exams at the start of Term 2 (Nov 6th – 17th).
  • The period between mid-November and the start of Term 4 where the second set of mock-exams are scheduled (February 26th – 8th March)
  • The final stretch from mid-March until the end of the GCSE examinations (provisionally scheduled to run from mid-May to the end of June).

Each of these stages are typified by the opportunity to engage with explicit feedback from the previous set of assessments and make focussed decisions about how best to support their preparation for the final examinations.

Throughout this year we will continue to share with students and their families, information about the ways in which boys can schedule and specifically approach their revision (techniques etc), their well-being and how we can support their progression to their post-16 destination.

For more information about the way in which our Careers provision supports students, please watch the video linked below from Miss Collins, our Careers lead. Equally for those students and families interested in progressing to Didcot Sixth Form, the video linked below from Mr Cross (Director of Sixth Form) would be a good starting point, along with attending the D6 Open Evening on Wednesday 22nd November.

Should a student wish to book an appointment with our Independent Careers advisor, they should let either their tutor, Mr Robinson-Slater (Head of Year 11) or Mr Irwin (Deputy Headteacher) know.

As a school we remain committed to supporting our students to achieve to the very best of their potential and would encourage students or families with questions to contact specific subject staff (for questions relating to particular subjects) or either of Mr Robinson-Slater (Head of Year 11) or Mr Irwin (Deputy Headteacher).


Revision Techniques

Didcot Sixth Form:

Careers information from Miss Collins

House System

St Birinus has a vibrant House system which ensures that staff and students work together to create a positive school community where everyone is included.
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