Mock exam information (November 2021)

Mock exams in year 11, particularly in 2021/22, play a hugely important role in shaping the second half of the year and the structure of the support on offer as we build towards next summer.

Mock exams often take the form of post GCSE papers, sat in formal conditions with students who are entitled to specific exam concessions given the opportunity to explore how they can best use these to support their outcomes. Mock exams provide an opportunity for students to showcase the breadth and depth of the knowledge and understanding they have developed so far, as well as providing a crucial indicator of where support should be targeted moving forward. Outcomes from the winter mock exams will be shared with students and families prior to the Christmas holiday and will be available to support students with their applications to post-16 destinations.

This year's Winter Mock exams run from Monday 8th - Monday 22nd November 2021. A full schedule for the assessments can be found in the document library below.

Class teachers has spent time in lessons sharing information about the focus of these assessments, but copies of the specific revision lists can be downloaded as required, below.

As a school we remain committed to supporting our students to achieve to the very best of their potential and would encourage students or families with questions to contact specific subject staff (for questions relating to particular subjects) or either of Mr Odhiambo (Head of year 11) or Mr Irwin (Deputy Headteacher).

Good luck with your preparation!


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