Lead Teacher Team

The Lead Teacher Team

Great leaders are teachers not tyrants. They help their followers to see and understand more. They inspire them to become more and motivate them to do more Thomas Jefferson

Lead Teacher Team

St Birinus School celebrates not only the leadership skills of the students but also the potential impact that lead teachers can have upon inspiring leadership, expression, aspiration and dedication in the students. For this reason St Birinus School has a ‘Lead Teacher Team’ who strive to provide extra opportunities for all students in four key areas, Literacy, Oracy, STEM and Careers and Sport, overseen by the Lead Teacher for Leadership and Ethos. The activities provided are aimed at enriching student experience and enabling them to evolve as young leaders. The opportunities are tailored each year to meet the needs of the current students. 


House System

St Birinus has a vibrant House system which ensures that staff and students work together to create a positive school community where everyone is included.
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