Personal Development

Personal Development at Key stage 3 and 4

The intent of the personal development curriculum is to educate our students to make informed choices in their lives to keep themselves healthy and safe, and to develop life skills which will enable them to make a positive contribution to the wider community.

Personal Development is delivered in weekly sessions via an inclusive, engaging, balanced and broad curriculum designed with our students needs at the heart of it. Students in Years 7 -  10 receive one hour a week of PD. 

The Programme of Study is designed taking into account: 

  • The non-statutory framework for PSHE 
  • Legal obligations concerning Sex and Relationship Education (The Learning and Skills Act 2000) 
  • Guidance on the delivery of Drugs Education 
  • The statutory Citizenship curriculum  
  • DfE 2018 document ‘Careers Guidance and access to education and training providers’ 

Our curriculum is currently being updated to meet the new PSHE statutory requirements for relationship education, relationships and sex education, required from September 2020.  

In addition to the lessons which are taught by our small committed team of teachers, our curriculum is enhanced by the delivery of some topics by qualified experts, for example the School Nurse delivers lessons for year 7 on puberty and hygiene, vaccinations and antibiotics,  for year 8 on Consent and Healthy relationships and futher topics in Key stage 4.  First aid is delivered by via a certified course by experienced paramedics. Additionally,  we work closely with the Careers Lead to deliver our careers and employability topics.


Personal Development Programme 2019/20 

Year group 

Topics covered 




British values 

Drugs – alcohol and smoking 

First aid 

*Delivered by outside agency 

Wider World 

Revision Skills 

Our bodies 

Healthy lifestyles 

Financial wellbeing 


Aspirations and resilience 

Relationships and consent 

Discrimination, stereotyping and prejudice 

Revision skills 


Drugs and gangs 


Revision Skills 

Human Rights 




Personal Safety 



Revision skills 


Topics vary in length, typically lasting between 5 and 9 lessons. 

Right to Withdraw 

Parents/carers have the right to choose whether to withdraw their child from SRE, without influence from the school (please refer the Citizenship and PSHE policy for further information). 

The right of withdrawal does not extend to other areas of the curriculum when spontaneous questions on religious matters are raised by students or where issues related to religion arise in other subjects, such as history, citizenship or personal development. 


There is no formal examination in Personal Development however CAR feedback is given which allows students opportunities to expand their knowledge and improve their work. Progress over a topic is shown by mind map which demonstrates students knowledge and understanding at the start and end of each topic.


Mrs C Ward, Head of Personal Development 


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