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Please enjoy the poem written for the Lower School Awards Evening by Elliott World, Year 9 Poet Laureate

Posted on: 24/06/2022

Please enjoy the poem below which was composed and read out at out Lower School Awards Evening on Wednesday:


An author called Robert Collier once said Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day out. That quote inspired this poem.


As humans we don’t have wings to fly

So how do we achieve our greatest heights?

Some sit, passive, watching time pass by

Simply letting life go on, seeing the sights.


Some see the tallest mountains and the skies

And think that they are too far gone

But others see a challenge before their eyes

And will not stop until their battle’s won.


All heights can be obtained,

But sometimes the road ahead is blocked

Only with the view revealed is it all explained

And higher still they climb, up to the top.


But know these heights aren’t reached in a single day

It takes dedication and repeated action

For while the average person gets led astray

The successful works hard without distraction


For it is the highest fruit that tastes the sweetest,

The longest running victory that beats the rest,

The toughest wood that burns the brightest,

And the hardest workers who achieve the best.


Elliott World, 9EE

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