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Dr Khan's Thought for the Term: Courage

Posted on: 08/07/2022


We often associate the word courage with doing something extraordinary: climbing mountains, speaking in front of hundreds of people, leading a protest or standing up to someone powerful. And yes, these are all undeniably courageous acts.

However, I have always been fascinated by the courage involved in what seem like the ‘small’ things in life, such as:

  • Some days, when everything seems difficult, just getitng out of bed and leaving the house
  • Showing an act of kindness to a stranger, such as an elderly person who might look lost
  • Letting your friend know that you’ve been hurt by something they said or did
  • Letting yourself be vulnerable in conversations, when it feels right to do so
  • To ask for help when you’re struggling
  • To admit your mistake; to say, ‘I’m sorry’
  • Standing up for what is right, even when you are in a minority
  • To make your voice heard, for example at a chalk-in at school
  • To take responsibility...
  • To let go and forgive...
  • To show yourself some kindness

The list could go on, but I hope I have made my point: we show courage every day, in one way or another. Sometimes, it’s important to give ourselves some credit for it.

Dr G Khan
RET Director of Ethos

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