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Message for Thames Travel users: Bus Passes

Posted on: 01/03/2021

Purchasing Bus Passes

With respect to Thames Travel buses, any students who do not currently have a bus pass for the BB services provided by Thames Travel need to arrange for them to be purchased directly from Thames Travel in advance of using the services once more. Details on how to purchase them are below. 

Bus passes can be purchased on-line at 

Term Two Archives - The City of Oxford Motor Services Limited 

Didcot Inner – 8 March until end of Term Three 2020 – 2021 (with option to include Blue Bus service to Didcot Schools) From £ 164.00 

For each ticket type there are two options either:

  • purchase a pass valid until the end of term and then purchase a pass for term three, or
  • alternatively we have created special passes valid until the end of the school year.

There is no price difference between buying two separate passes or the single pass valid to the end of the year, so parents will have a choice. The advantage of the single pass is the convenience of only needing to make one purchase and the pass is valid during the Easter school holidays within the appropriate area. 


The pass types relevant to DGS/SBS are BB1A, Didcot Inner and South Oxfordshire Zone. The passes are pried at: 



BB1A £60 £165 £225
Didcot Inner £44 £120 £164
South Oxfordshire Zone £51 £140 £191


Requesting refunds for the period when buses have been suspended.

For those that have not already contacted them directly, Thames Travel are happy to offer partial refunds, free of administration fees, to customers who purchased bus passes and were unable to use them due to the lockdown imposed at the beginning of January. Refunds are calculated on a pro-rata basis, in order to give a refund value proportional to the number of weeks that were unable to be used. 

In order to request a refund, please email with the name of the pupil concerned and the number printed on the front of the bus pass. 


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