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DGS House Captains' Thought of the Term: Reflection

Posted on: 09/07/2021

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Thought for the Term: Reflections

As we’ve done in the past, the end of the year seems like a good opportunity to gauge the thoughts of a range of our new House Captains at DGS, who we asked to reflect on the challenges of the year:

“This academic year will be a year no one will forget. We have all faced the issue of isolation, and separation from our loved ones. We have all stepped up and learned to work with change, and despite all of these challenges, we have continued to have hope. We have all united, together, as smaller communities, and as the world. And we will continue to do so, as we head into a new year, filled with new opportunities, and amazing experiences for us. “

Erin B, E House Captain

“Reflecting on lockdown has now given us some confidence to work on our own and helped us to realise how important friendships are, from not physically socialising with everyone every day. Reflections are exceptionally important because it allows you to grow in confidence over time especially for achieving success!”

Isabella T, M House Captain

“As I look back and reflect on the past year, I feel empowered by the way every DGS student has responded to the challenges we have all faced. Despite the distance between students and teachers, I have never felt more connected or cared for by our school community. I am continually hopeful that September will bring greater opportunities to strengthen the unbreakable relationships created by our school environment.”

Rosie P, W House Captain

“Reflections rebound light, the same image but a different perspective. Self-reflection allows us to look back at things from a new angle and learn from our experiences.”

Chloe C, Associate Head Girl

“My reflection on the last year is one of pride for every DGS pupil for making it through a very difficult time. I know people have heard this many times throughout this year but the amount of determination required to just make it through each day and persevere to the next one takes so much courage and strength. My vision for next year is a brighter, unrestricted future where we are able to mix with different years and communicate more freely with more people.”

Steffi H, K House Captain

Thank you so much girls for your reflections on the past year and your hugely thoughtful and optimistic outlooks on the future. From all of the House Captain team, have a great summer.

Dr Comina
Head of Ethos, Didcot Girls’ School

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