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Sit, stay! Our newest staff member makes an entrance...

Posted on: 27/09/2018

At St Birinus School we pride ourselves on the quality of our staff and our latest addition is giving us many reasons to smile.

We are delighted to welcome our Reading Dog, named Ty, to the Library. The advantages of dogs in education are well documented and we are looking forward to the benefits that Ty will bring:

· Helping students build confidence in reading

· Having a calming effect on students and staff

· Improving behaviour and concentration, reducing stress and increasing self esteem

· Encouraging expression and participation

· Fostering a sense of responsibility

· Motivating students to think and to learn

· Encouraging respect and improving students' social skills (empathy, kindness, friendship and trust)

· Teaching students to nurture and respect life.

Ty is an older dog who is very affectionate. He has been the mascot for a local choir for some years.  Being a Bichon Frise cross he does not moult, and his fur makes him less likely to cause allergic reactions.  Ty belongs to our Library Manager, Miss Wren, who has overall responsibility for him. Students will be introduced to Ty during their Library lessons and will be given guidance on how to interact with a dog, and any rules that they must follow. They will also have the opportunity to read aloud to him during English Intervention sessions in the Library, under the supervision of Miss Wren.


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