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Mr Manning's Thought for the Term: Fresh Starts

Posted on: 16/09/2022

This second week of the academic year has reverberated with inspirational and heartfelt tributes to our late queen and one cannot fail to be moved by the solemnity and gravitas in Westminster Hall, as the nation, and the world media, prepare for her funeral on Monday. Queen Elizabeth II personified courtesy and her 70 years of unflinching commitment to her duty and the service of her people will be forever celebrated and remembered. In fact, it is hard to capture and really fathom the enormous significance of this particular moment in our nation's history. The sense of change is palpable, as a new era and a new age is dawning. With this change, comes a new king, a new prime minister, new horizons and new beginnings ... 

New beginnings offer us the chance to reboot and refresh - we reflect on what we value and what we want to achieve going forward. 

New beginnings offer us threshold moments to recalibrate and make good our intention.  

Whatever is ahead of us, this term's new beginning has only brought me confidence in the strength and dignity of our community of schools and an unshakable belief in our collective integrity and genuine care. 


Mr W Manning
St Birinus School

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