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Kennedy House Captain's Thought for the Term: Fresh Starts

Posted on: 23/09/2022

The beginning of a new academic year brings about a plethora of changes. From changing year group to school to teachers. With each change, there is a new set of pressures and expectations. We tend to fear this change. There is an evolutionary basis for this - humans are wired to value routine and consistency because it ensured resources and the best chance of survival. So, thousands of years ago, we deduced that remaining in the same position meant safety and security. If that’s the case if it’s our instinctual response to veer away from change, why have we changed? Why do we change? It comes down to one word - opportunity. While every change brings risk, it also poses an opportunity. Perhaps it’s that humanity will transition to a new metal that will completely change how the world functions or a new idea that will transform medicine. Or perhaps it will be a new method learnt, a new friend made, a new role available. Whether big or small, every change brings the opportunity for a fresh start and growth, personal or collective.

This is not to diminish our fear of change. Arguably, it is this human tendency to remain consistent and honour our past that has led to our traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. This was clearly displayed recently following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and the communal respect and appreciation for her life and work, despite the world changing drastically in the last 70 years. Furthermore, is it not the risk we take and the fear we feel when making a change that makes the ultimate reward all the more satisfying?

Queen Elizabeth II once said, “Whatever life throws at us, our individual response will be all the stronger for working together to share the load”. We can learn from this. As a school community, let us embrace the change of a new academic year and the opportunities it brings. Together, let us embrace a fresh start.

Nina O’Hanlon
Kennedy House Captain

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